The TOEFL score went up from 89 to 97 in 8 weeks... Before I start the course, I couldn't write essay, but after 8 weeks, I am able to write. It was great course, thank you!
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Why Study TOEFL with Higher Score®?

Logo of TOEFL, one of the exam courses that Higher Score teaches Our TOEFL Course Director has taken TOEFL many times to understand the test completely and develop a special TOEFL program to help students improve. Only Higher Score® at EC has this special program so we can help you increase your TOEFL iBT score more than other schools. In addition, we are an official TOEFL test centre.

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We offer highly-effective, intensive TOEFL courses that are reasonably-priced in Canada's largest cities. Where is the most convenient location for you?
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Useful Information for TOEFL iBT Students

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