He's so kind to students and I have never seen a teacher such like him. I was amazed about his teaching skill and his ideas about English. I love my TOEIC class!
Image of national flag of student who achieved success in TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS Han Sol, Korea

Introduction to TOEIC

TOEIC is an English examination that tests your knowledge of business English in four key areas: reading, listening, grammar and vocabulary.
Logo of TOEIC, an exam taught by Higher Score The TOEIC test is designed and administered by ETS, Educational Testing Services, an American company based in New Jersey. ETS also administers other common tests like TOEFL, GMAT and GRE.
The maximum score on TOEIC is 990 points. A reasonable score is above 700 points, a good score is anything above 800 points, and a great score is anything above 900 points. At Higher Score® at EC, we try to help all of our TOEIC students get more than 800 or 900 points.

What to Expect If You Take TOEIC

TOEIC is a very challenging examination, and unfortunately, many students find it hard to achieve the score they need. One reason for this is that the TOEIC questions use many challenging words, so students need a good vocabulary. The other reason is that TOEIC questions challenge students in a very logical manner. Many students are not comfortable with this type of thinking, which can make the test very challenging. The good news is that Higher Score® teachers can help you learn this type of thinking, which will give you a big advantage during the TOEIC test and help you after you get a job.
This table shows some information about the different sections of the test:
Course Skills Time Questions Comments
Part 1 Listening around 45 minutes 10 Picture questions
Part 2 30 Sentence and response
Part 3 30 Short conversations
Part 4 30 Short talks
Part 5 Grammar Vocabulary Reading 75 minutes 40 Sentence completion
Part 6 12 Text completion
Part 7 48 Reading comprehension

How to Register for TOEIC

If you are in Canada, you can register online by visiting this website, or by calling ETS Canada on 1-800-615-8666. You will need a credit card if you want to register online or by telephone. If you prefer to register in person or prefer to pay in cash, you can go to the open test centre in your city and register. Click here to find out the location of the closest TOEIC test centre closest to you. In Toronto, our school is the TOEIC test centre.