I want to share with you my IELTS score which is 7.5 and I am really happy that I got 8 on the speaking. Thank you very much for your help and support.
Image of national flag of student who was successful with Higher Score's help Maya, Bulgaria

Higher Score® IELTS Classes in Toronto

Logo of IELTS and IELTS test venue at Higher Score in Toronto We offer a special intensive course for IELTS using special materials only available from Higher Score®. The course has been designed to give you the maximum benefit in the minimum time and for a reasonable cost. Our goal is to help all students reach an IELTS band score of between 6.5 and 7.5, depending on their goal.
Our IELTS course includes:
  • the study of special templates to make IELTS writing and speaking easy;
  • a focus on test practice and learning key reading and listening skills for IELTS;
  • emphasis on learning the most common words in academic English for IELTS;
  • many secret IELTS techniques and strategies to help you increase your score;
  • special practice for both the academic and general modules of IELTS.
Our Toronto school is an official IELTS test venue, so you can take IELTS in the same place you study every day. This can reduce your stress and increase your score.
If you are a serious student, we invite you to join our class for one day completely free to find out if our IELTS course is right for you or look at some free articles that might help you for IELTS.

Dates, Times and Prices

You can begin studying our IELTS class every Monday and study for any period from 2 to 12 weeks. We offer several great-value, convenient programs:
Programs Times Program Focus
Intensive IELTS
(25 lessons per week)
Mon. to Fri., 10:00 to 13:10
Mon. to Thu. 14:10 to 16:45
IELTS Skills and Strategies
IELTS Test Practice
Academic Vocabulary
Full-Time IELTS
(20 lessons per week)
Mon. to Fri., 10:00 to 13:10
Mon. to Thu. 14:10 to 15:20
IELTS Skills and Strategies
IELTS Test Practice
Part-Time IELTS
(15 lessons per week)
Mon. to Fri., 10:00 to 13:10 IELTS Skills and Strategies
Image of Higher Score® IELTS study guide The price depends on how long you study and sometimes we have special offers, so contact us for the best price or get in touch with your local education specialist and ask about Higher Score® IELTS classes at LSC Language Studies Canada in Toronto.